AmeriCorps: Longitudinal Study


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Results from a longitudinal study of AmeriCorps members demonstrate the impacts of national service on members’ civic engagement, education, employment, and life skills. Findings reveal that AmeriCorps alumni are more connected to their communities, more knowledgeable about problems facing their communities, and more likely to participate in community activities. They also are more likely to choose public service careers.

The Reports

Largest, Most Rigorous Study of AmeriCorps

  • Until now, we have not had a way of measuring the impact of AmeriCorps on members’ attitudes and behaviors after their year of service.
  • The findings demonstrate a powerful positive impact on members’ attitudes and behaviors in areas of civic engagement, education, employment and life skills.
  • This study, which has been underway since 1998, includes a nationally representative sample of more than 2,000 AmeriCorps members and compares changes in the outcomes over time to those of similarly interested individuals not enrolled in AmeriCorps.
  • This study is being conducted by Abt. Associates Inc., an independent social policy and research firm, under contract to the Corporation for National and Community Service.

National Service Increases Civic Engagement

  • AmeriCorps members are finding a greater connection to their communities, a better understanding of the problems facing their communities, and are more involved in community based activities such as attending public meetings and writing to newspapers.
  • The study shows those who are civically disengaged prior to joining AmeriCorps, leave their term of service more involved in their communities than ever before.

National Service Is a Pipeline to Public Service

  • Former AmeriCorps members were significantly more likely than the comparison group to enter careers in public service such as teaching, public safety, social work and full time military service.
  • AmeriCorps members experienced significant increases in their work skills, showing their experience better prepared them for the real world.
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