Digital Storytelling with Video


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"Stories are the best way to convey information, ... the best way for people to remember things, ... the best way to get to people's hearts and make them take action."
Roger Burks on Storytelling

How to Tell Your Story

Tell stories through the voices of the people you serve, and/or your staff/members/volunteers. Check out these 7 Guidelines for Telling Your Organization’s Story.

Plan - So you're ready to make a video for your organization. If you're planning to upload it to YouTube, remember to make it no more than ten minutes long. You may want to use storyboarding to plan your video. Check out these planning tips from Nancy Schwartz, and this post from Idealware: Creating a video? A few things to consider before you shoot.

Learn More: Webinars, articles and slidedecks

Get Support: Programs to take advantage of

  • YouTube Nonprofit Program - Program benefits include premium branding capabilities, increased uploading capacity, donation collection via Google Checkout, and other benefits. Lag times for finding out if you have been accepted can be long - sometimes over a month.
  • Lights. Camera. Help. - Their new volunteer match program connects filmmakers with nonprofits.
  • YouTube Video Volunteers - Each month, the channel features a different relevant issue and invites filmmakers and vloggers to submit a video on behalf of an organization working on that issue. The top three videos are featured on the YouTube homepage.

Get Inspired: See examples and discuss further

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